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Filter press pump selection is based on a various numbers of criterias; Chracteristic of liquid, temperature, acidity, viscosity and required pressure are some of them.


City Filter Press supplies 3 main types of filter press sludge pump. These are air operated diaphram pumps, monopumps and centrifugal high pressure pump.


Air Operated Diaphram Sludge Pumps


Air operated diaphram pump has multi purpose usage features and they have ability to tranfer luquid with high pressure which required for a efficent cake production. There are several types of diaphram pumps according to meterials such as plastic, stainless steel iron and aluminum.


Inlet and outlet ranges from ½" to 3"


Table-1 : Diaphram Pump Specifications

Flow Rate 15 – 890 lt/min
Inlet ½" – 3"
Outlet ½" – 3"
Pressure 0-14 bar
Particle Permeability 1 – 6 mm
Operating Temp -18 C to 100 C


Air Operated Filter Press Pumps


Application Areas :

food industry; oil (olive, sunflower, corn, palm

fixed oil (jojoba, grape seed, coconut oil)

drinking (beer brewery, wine)


fruit juice

mineral oil

wastewater treatment

mining; (marble, gold mines etc.)

acid filtering (zinc phospate)

chemicals purification

concrete industry


Advantages: No electricity, reasonable price, easy to operate





City Filter Press always pays the best attention to find the best sludge pump solution for its customers complex needs.


Especially in food and pharmaceutical industries, stainless steel monopumps are suitable to transfer mellow liquids into the filter press with hygenic pump line.


Also the ability to use electrical invertors, monopumps' flow amount can be controlled from electical panels without an extra air supply or compressor.


Monopumps for Filter Press


Advantages: no need to air compressor, high pressure, food industry, inverter usage


Areas of usage: wastewater treatment, food industry, brewery industry, chemical industry



Centrifugal Filter Press Pumps


Designed for high capacity automatic filter presses.


Table-2 : Centrifugal Filter Press Pump Specifications

Type Vertifical Sludge Pump
Meterial GG 22 Cast Iron
İnlet-Outlet 4''-3'' (100 mm- 80 mm)
Capacity 7,5-8 bar- 32 m3/h.
Motor 18,5 kW 2800 d/d 380 Volt 50Hz triphase
Warranty 1 year


Advantages : high flow, simple installation


Centrifugal Filter Press Pump Flow Chart Filter Press Pump



Other Types of Filter Press Pumps


Also piston type and gear type oil pumps can be supplied from City Filter Press.

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